The Reese Critter Drag was born out of years of research and design.

We know you work hard chasing deer, hogs, or even coyotes during hunting season. Once they are down, getting them back to the truck shouldn’t be as hard or physically exhausting.

It features a 2 inch wide commercial strength nylon strap that is completed with dual steel D rings. This nylon strap is attached to a 3 inch neoprene pad that helps provide comfort while pulling your game out. The Surge Critter drag comes with three tiers for multiple critters or multiple anchor points. The drag features a clip system that allows you attach unused tiers, thus preventing them from dragging while the drag is in use.

Great for dragging deer, hog, coyote, wolf, and other game from the field. The Reese Surge Critter Drag easily folds up and can be tucked away when not in use.

Remember, how you harvest your game in the field is your business. Getting it back to the truck is ours!

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Surge Critter Drag

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